Our projects, programs, & initiatives

We had hundreds of NMT/GSM radio repeater station footprints in Thailand. In Thailand, we were the first who used a custom radiowave propagation modeling tools for field engineers which was really customized to suit the real environments and constraints of each of our customers.

In Thailand, we were the first who integrated hundreds of repeater station into our custom centralized repeater control panel. We were the first who shifted the custom deployment from repeater proprietary platform to UNIX, an open system.

By the emergence of LINUX, we had seen an opportunity to exploit Intel-based commodity machine. We were the first who adopted LINUX into telecom sector domain in Thailand. Since then, we prefer to offer solutions based on open system, because we believe our approach will bring a long term sustainability. 

Now we are working on bringing flexibility of virtualization into rigid cloud of telecom-based applications. We believe this will shift telecom industry to another level where IT industry has been achieved for decades. The flexibility we bring is not only come from virtualization technology alone, but also the custom integration and development that we are always keen to be part of our customers' success.