System Development and Customization

We are purely focusing on system development and customization services on telecom segment. The fact that off-the-shelf products often made on proprietary hardware or software, and most of the times they are not fully meet requirement of customers, therefore, system development and customization is the best answer.

By working with our experienced system developers and using our services, enterprises can successfully reduce investment and operation costs. We are constantly engaged in meeting customers need and requirement. Our system development and customization service is including but not limited to turnkey solution development, new features development, features extensions, integration with third-party products.

Custom Cloud Management Solution

Cloud computing is emerging and playing an important role both in term of delivering valuable business services and in term of infrastructure management methodology on a large number of highly virtualized resources. Cloud Management solution is a key to the success of bringing it into live.

We are now working on bringing flexibility of virtualization into rigid cloud of telecom-based applications. We believe this will shift telecom industry to another level where IT industry has been achieved for decades. The flexibility we bring is not only come from virtualization technology alone, but also the custom integration and development that we are always keen to be part of our customers' success.

Business Process Development Service

Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach to aligning an organization's business processes with the wants and needs of its clients. It provides governance of a business's process environment to improve business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

We are currently providing the development service for business process solution based on our BlueFin Business Process Manager platform which includes the capabilities to extend your business process into cloud computing and mobile devices. Cloud-based solutions can help enterprise to reduce investment cost, hardware availability, and deep IT skills for setting up and managing systems, while business process on mobile can provide the mobility and flexibility working environment.

Mobile Application Development

Corresponding to highly demand for the use of Mobile Application, we have also built our expertise around mobile devices application development. Our current Mobile Application Development service can cover all types of platforms; Android, iOS, Windows, RIM, and HTML5.